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There is so much to see and do in the area. Explore the diverse nature and wildlife that inhabit the region. Learn about Garifuna culture and witness the traditions that have been preserved for so many years. Sink your feet into the white sandy beaches where you can relax undisturbed in a tropical paradise. There is something for everyone to enjoy!


It is located 25 minutes from Amatique Bay (18 kilometers), the Rio runs from the Brooms top of Cerro San Gil towards the Bay of Amatique, forming spectacular waterfalls and natural pools crystal clear water, you can marvel at their wealth and wildlife on a tour of 1km long on the interpretive trail of Fundaeco organization.



The Garínagu cradles of culture are people of Afro-Caribbean ethnicity who came to the coasts of Central America in the late seventeenth century.

Livingston is a small Caribbean village with a tropical and artistic culture, full of colors, rhythms and flavors of the Garifuna culture. The village can only be reached by water. By boat, it takes 30 minutes (20 kilometers) from Amatique Bay.  

In the charismatic town and you will see Mayan handicrafts, hear Caribbean, reggae music and savor coconut bread and seafood soup cooked with milk coconut and bananas. You’ll be able to observe many traditions of the Garínagu people.



Located 35 kilometers by boat away from Amatique Bay (1 hour), Playa Blanca is a white sandy beach surrounded by lush greenery. During the summer its waters are crystal clear and ideal for swimming, visited by domestic and International tourists as an ideal point for sunbathing, lazing in a hammock and enjoying a coconut to the rhythm of the waves of the Caribbean Sea.



Located 32 kilometers by boat away from Amatique Bay (1 Hour), is the formation of limestone which was built by the passing of water over the centuries.  Here you’ll find two cliffs surrounded by a tropical forest where you can see variety of birds, flora and fauna in a water ride that goes 12 kilometers upstream. 

The water route experiences higher visitation throughout the year.  Its landscapes are beautiful and change from sunrise to sunset.  On this tour you can experience the falling of hot water on the banks of the river canyon, visit the Maya organization, Aktenamit and view the lily gardens that form in the various lagoons.



Siete Altares is located 45 minutes by water from Amatique Bay (27 kilometers).  It can be accessed by water or by foot from Livingston (7 km), in a formation of 7 waterfalls and natural pools of different sizes, called Altars.  A mouth in the Bay of Amatique forms a spectacular site that attracts domestic and international visitors who enjoy the freshness of its waters and lush natural treasures.



Punta de Palma is located 40 minutes away from Amatique Bay by land (28 kilometers) and 15 minutes by sea (7 kilometers). It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Guatemalan Caribbean, with white sand, little surf, a pier and offers basic services for visitors.

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